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Delve into the illuminating and insightful world of Tarot. Questions answered, new perspectives gained, mysteries and magic of the universe revealed! Beyond the mystical aspects of Tarot, a reading can be incredibly healing, helping you see a problem or understand patterns and how to transform. 

Tarot readings may be done in-person at Asian Healing Traditions in Ann Arbor or remotely 

A remote Tarot session begins with communication regarding what you'd like to learn from the reading. We can establish the kind of spread that addresses your questions.  I will send you my insights and interpretations via email and audio file. We may also communicate before and after via zoom, phone or chat. 

An in-person reading gives a slightly different opportunity, as we can communicate and analyse with discussion. We can also design a reading to be more interactive to include some other tools such as meditation, Reiki or sound therapy 

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