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Reiki is the practice of connecting to and interacting with energy. With the understanding that we are all made of and part of a constant evolving expression of energy, a connection is formed, and transformations take place. Blockages can be dissolved or moved, flow can be guided and maintained and dis-eases healed or brought from the shadows into light. Come visit me in person in Ann Arbor at Asian Healing Traditions or remotely.

Although the idea of working Reiki remotely being a strange and foreign concept to many, it is an amazing practice of intuition and energetic magic. While I work on you from my home studio, you may be sleeping, doing yoga, meditating or going about your normal routine. During the session I connect with your energy and perform Reiki in the same manner as I would in person, clearing, balancing, and transforming energy to create an opportunity for deep healing.  Once done working with your energy, I sit and write a long email describing to you what I have felt and any intuitive messages that have come through for you.  We may also communicate before and after via zoom, phone or chat. 

In-person sessions, for those in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area offer a slightly different kind of experience. While both forms of Reiki are deeply effective, having the experience of being in the same space offers a more intimate experience. We may communicate back and forth about what we feel energetically, discuss what happened in the session or share thoughts about intentions and issues going on. Additionally, I will likely use other tools like tarot, sound and guided meditation to further deepen the experience.


Delve into the illuminating and insightful world of Tarot. Questions answered, new perspectives gained, mysteries and magic of the universe revealed! Beyond the mystical aspects of Tarot, a reading can be incredibly healing, helping you see a problem or understand patterns and how to transform. 

Tarot readings may be done in-person in Ann Arbor at Asian Healing Traditions or remotely 

 A remote Tarot session begins with communication regarding what you'd like to learn from the reading. We can establish the kind of spread that addresses your questions.  I will send you my insights and interpretations via email and audio file. We may also communicate before and after via zoom, phone or chat. 

An in-person reading gives a slightly different opportunity, as we can communicate and analyse with discussion. We can also design a reading to be more interactive to include some other tools such as meditation, Reiki or sound therapy 


Sound is a powerful tool for bringing your spiritual and physical body into balance. As the sounds wash over you, energy moves and expands, allowing for deep relaxation and healing.  Your body and spirit will follow its own true nature and become aligned with the vibrations, clearing and breaking up blockages and tensions so you may experience levity and clarity.

All sound healing sessions are done in-person at Asian Healing Traditions


Meditation has been a huge part of my life for over 30 years.  I have battled with every thought and insecurity about what it means to meditate and why. I have worked tirelessly to create moments of pure peace and thoughtlessness within my mind.  

I use guided meditation in much of my work and share my understanding with people of all ages through classes and practices. Please email me if you're interested in developing your own practice, in need of guidance or want to add meditation to an event

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