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Mothering Yourself Workshop

Join us for an immersive journey into self-care and indulgence at our Mothering Yourself: Find Your Calm Amidst the Sweetness of Chocolate Workshop.

Unwind with gentle Qigong movements designed to soothe the body and mind, followed by self-acupressure techniques to awaken and enliven the senses. As you settle into stillness, guided meditation will lead you on a tranquil inner journey, preparing the way to experience the present moment fully with a sampling of direct trade, single-origin, artisanal Mababu chocolates courtesy of Goldfinch Chocolates. Soothing sounds will envelop you, elevating each bite into a moment of pure indulgence and self-care.

All are welcome to enjoy this workshop powered by female entrepreneurs. We have designed this experience to celebrate all the mothers; the human mother, mothering ourselves and mother nature.


Space is limited to 12 people and pre-registration is required.


Early registration special by May 1st for $65. After May 1st $75.


All participants leave with a four piece box of chocolates.


For more information about the other hosts, visit these webspaces:

Goldfinch Chocolates

Roots of Wisdom Acupuncture

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Friday Morning Qigong & Meditation



Friday mornings are a great time to get your energy unwound and balanced! Jennifer Flynn and I have joined forces to create an hour of movement and meditation to reboot your vibe and get you ready for the weekend. Using Qigong and guided meditation with sound, we’ll move stagnant energy and  release tension for deep relaxation and balance. Come join us for this energy reset in our community of kindness.

























Ancient Traditions Sound Bath

Along with the incredibly talented, Jennifer Flynn of Roots of Wisdom Acupuncture, this is an experience we designed together, combining the movement practice of QIgong, the power of a simple acupuncture treatment, the deep relaxation of guided meditation and the healing vibrations of a sound bath

We will begin with movement to energize and balance the energy of the body followed by an expansive guided meditation to open your awareness and get you to a state conducive for healing. Next the sounds and vibrations of various sacred instruments will wash over you, allowing for healing at a cellular level in both body and mind. We end with some grounding acupressure and tea while we share thoughts about the experience and answer any questions you may have.

Offered at The Little Lake Wellness Hub in Ann Arbor, MI







Tarot Workshop

Fundamentally, I believe tarot is a tool, a very good tool.  I use it for insight and connection to intuition and am constantly in awe and grateful for the doors tarot has opened within me! Coming together in a group setting offers everyone a chance to experience the magic of using cards to connect to their own intuition while also getting a multi perspective reading.

We'll spend 2 hours playing, learning, exploring and sharing as we deepen intuition through ritual and guided meditation before we delve into the magic of the cards.


For all levels of readers, from tarot witch to tarot virgins. Participants may bring a deck of their own or explore some of my collection! 

Offered at The Little Lake Wellness Hub in Ann Arbor, MI







Tarot Workshop for Group Healing


In these slightly more focused workshops, we use tarot as a tool for clarity and understanding regarding your groups specific needs. Wisdom and compassion are practiced as the group supports each individual's unique path within the whole. New perspectives are explored which create connection and empathy to strengthen the group and highlight strengths and misconceptions.

Great for families, workplaces, friends, communities etc. 

Open to all levels. Bring a deck/s of your own to use or explore some of my collection! 





Wedding Reiki and Meditation 

Keeping grounded and balanced for your wedding is an intentional act. If you desire to feel calm and enjoy all aspects of the day, practices like meditation and reiki can help create kinship and spiritual depth.

Together we will plan activities to support connection and community for your guests and/or an open-hearted experience between you and your partner.

Group or individual practices designed to your desires for your special day.

tarot cards.png

"I am so grateful to Nina for having her provide a phenomenal guided meditation to a group of largely new meditators and for a personal reiki session (my first ever!). I organized a weekend event and thought meditation would be a nice activity to offer. Nina arrived with a thoughtful, tailored meditation that was engaging, uplifting, grounding, and a huge hit for the attendees. I heard compliments all weekend! 


I was lucky enough to also have some individual energy healing from Nina that same weekend. It was an overwhelming time of anxiety and stress for me and Nina's energy work was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, and I emerged feeling more positive. I described the feeling to Nina as a huge weight lifted. I am incredibly grateful that Nina shared her work with me and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for relaxation, stress or pain relief, healing, and so much more."   

"The Reiki Nina performed on me before my wedding helped me go into the ceremony feeling calm and centered. It enabled self discovery that made the day even more special. I highly recommend her!"

"Last weekend I found myself at my niece's wedding in a grassy field, following Nina as she guided us all in meditation. We had come together in joy and love and anticipation, we family and friends, but the meditation experience deepened that, and made it palpable for me, and for others.  The experience of calm and love, the sense of promise and possibility that emerged from that grassy meditation, has stayed with me, making me more hopeful, positive, sturdier in these days since.

"That workshop was amazing. Thank you so much  for having us Nina, and for everyone’s willingness to be open!"

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